The duties of elected officers are described both in our Local Union bylaws and in Article 40 of the UAW Constitution.

Executive Board officers meet monthly to make decisions regarding the union, all of whom are elected to a three (3) year term that expires May, 2016.

Executive Board

President-Rich Anderson (Northridge)

Vice President District II – Emily Beals (Fresno)

Vice President District III – Steve Ji (Los Angeles)

Recording Secretary – Maura Cotter (Long Beach)

Financial Secretary – Lautaro Galleguillos (Long Beach)

Trustee – Jose Amenero (Los Angeles)

Trustee – John Hering (Sacramento)


Joint Council

The Joint Council consists of the Campus Head Stewards as well as the Executive board members. The Joint Council meets quarterly (January, April, July, October). Head stewards serve a three (3) year term that expires May, 2016.

Fresno Head Steward - Emily Beals

Long Beach Head Steward - Weston Spivia

San Diego Head Steward - Mayra Lopez


Election Committee

One (1) campus-elected Election Committe Member and one (1) alternate ensure that elections follow the bylaws and International Union, UAW Constitution. The Election Committee members serve one (1) year terms expiring in August 2015.

Fresno-Carleigh Takemoto

Fresno (alternate)-Owen Torres

Sacramento-Amanda Burke

San Diego-Jackson Faber