We represent our interests with respect to the University by negotiating a contract that sets out the pay and benefits, and the rights and protections of every Academic Student Employee (ASE)  that works at the California State University.

We also represent our interests by enforcing the contract, meaning we work together to make sure the terms of the contract are upheld.  If any part of the contract is violated we have a way of fighting for and preserving our rights through a fair grievance procedure. If you have a concern, problem, or question about any aspect of your work, you are advised to contract the Union immediately before trying to resolve the issue so that you get the best possible advice and are sure to preserve your rights. One of the Union’s primary functions is enforcing what we won in the contract, which means representing ASEs at all steps of the grievance procedure, including informal discussions. If anyone is treated unfairly, we work with them to remedy the situation and make sure their rights are being protected.