Sign this petition! One step to limit corporate money

If union members have to opt in, corporate shareholders should, too.

With Citizens United, the activist conservative Supreme Court ruled that corporations could spend unlimited amounts of unregulated money to buy elections.

Now, the same activist conservative Supreme Court ruled that unions have to get opt-in permission from nonmembers to use dues for political purposes.

In response, sign this petition by the DailyKos asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to introduce legislation requiring corporations to get opt-in permission from shareholders in order to be allowed to use company resources for political purposes.

More than 55,000 have already signed, but we need as many as possible before delivering the signatures.

Time is ticking. Don’t let conservative extremists decide the fate of this election and weaken the middle class. Please take a minute of your time and sign the petition!

When we stand together, We Win!

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