This morning a delegation of UAW 4123 members and students from across the state delivered 2500+ petition signatures to Vice Chancellor Quillian where WE STOPPED STATE UNIVERSITY GRANTS FROM BEING CUT!!

The delegation of graduate students, from campuses ranging from San Diego to San Francisco, met with CSU Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Ben Quillian, who announced that campus presidents and CSU executives have decided against eliminating State University Grants for graduate students for the 2012/2013 Academic Year. “It was great they kept the State University Grants,” said David Prigge, a graduate student who attends, and drove down from SFSU to attend the delegation, “It’s real important we have that financial aid.”

The delegation of graduate students, many of whom depend on State University Grants, erupted into applause when it was announced that the State University Grants would not be cut for the upcoming academic year. “It was surreal,” said Viviana Rodriguez, a Cal Poly Pomona graduate student who attended the delegation.

State University Grants will NOT BE CUT thanks to the work of activists on campuses in circulating the online petition, contacting legislators, and driving to the Chancellor’s Office this morning.

UAW Local 4123 President Rich Anderson noted that although it was exciting to hear the good news, there are still many issues to resolve at CSU. “The CSU is totally underfunded from the State of California right now, the Board of Trustees are giving out unacceptable executive compensation to CSU administrators, tuition has been going up at alarming rates, grad students have already lost the ability to receive subsidized federal loans, and enrollment is being capped. It’s nice to savor the victory in this fight for SUG’s, but there is a lot to be done still.”

Anderson continued by saying that “the response from graduate students was incredible to get 2,500 signatures in just a few days. Everyone we’ve talked to at campuses from Fresno to San Diego have been really upset about potential cuts to financial aid. I’m glad that CSU listened to its students today and hope that they can do that in the future.”

This will not be the last time we need to mobilize to defend public higher education. Please volunteer on your campus to make sure we continue to have a strong membership and voice against the outrageous acts of the CSU!!

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