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2021 Initial Bargaining Demands

On September 30th, our current contract with the CSU expires, and over this summer we will be negotiating a successor contract with the CSU. This is our opportunity as academic student workers to show the CSU that our contributions to the university system must be recognized through improved working conditions, pay raises, and a stronger contract. Our ability to win a strong contract is directly tied to how unified we are as student workers behind our bargaining demands. 

2021 IBDs


In the midst of the pandemic, these demands are intended to ensure greater security needed for all Student Workers to be able to conduct the high quality instruction and research that improves the CSU system as a whole and our broader communities.

Economic Justice for Academic Student Workers

  • Compensation that reflects the vital roles Academic Student Workers play in the CSU and addresses food and housing insecurity.

  • Guaranteed minimum hours for hourly-Student Workers.

  • Greater transparency and better notice of responsibilities and expectations to Student Workers, such as providing a description of hours, duties, and pay upon appointment.

  • Financial stability for Student Workers through tuition waivers and year-long appointments.

A Healthy and Safe Workplace

  • Ensure Academic Student Workers with a safe work environment, free from hostile behaviors and academic retaliation.

  • Improved access to health benefits and waive campus health center fees to increase access to healthcare for Student Workers.

  • Easy access to free COVID-19 vaccines for all workers and students on campuses and rigorous COVID-19 testing and contact tracing on all campuses.

  • Provide all Academic Student Workers with mandatory union orientations every term so that every Academic Student Worker is educated on their rights.

Substantial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs

  • Underrepresented Student Workers -- particularly Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI, disabled, trans, and queer student workers -- continue to face significant experiences with inequity and discrimination at CSU. CSU needs to address the underlying structural sources of inequity, utilizing approaches that go beyond mere compliance, and empowering workers to address issues effectively.

  • CSU administration needs to protect and support international, DACA, and undocumented students by providing concrete resources such as guaranteeing the security of pay and benefits regardless of changes in visa or immigration status and access to free legal assistance for visa and immigration issues.

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