Election 2016

Dear Friends, 


As Former UAW president and labor leader Walter Reuther said, how we vote directly affects our working conditions. We, the Academic Student Employees, are public/state employees. Meaning that our wages and benefits are DIRECTLY dependent on the budget set by the legislature. How we vote, both in local elections and in national election has a direct effect on our working conditions. 

This election is extremely important for the future of higher education and for the future of academic student employees. There are ballot measures in California that would determine our tuition for the next 4 years, and will help improve our working conditions. UAW endorsed candidates are serious about labor and they are pro higher-education. They see our struggles, and the rising cost-of-tuition and ever-rising student debt as serious issues that need to be dealt with. 

If you have not registered yet, for voting, please take a few minutes of your time to register online







We all have busy lives, and may not get the opportunity to stand in line to vote in November. In California, we have the opportunity to vote by mail. So if you know that you will be busy on election day, or would like to get it done early, you can request a mail-in ballot by going to the following-link






There are few propositions in the California ballot that is in our interest, as Academic Student Employees to support. Below are the California propositions endorsed by UAW:

Prop 51 (Funding K-12) ...................Yes
Prop 55 (Higher-Ed Funding) ...........Yes
Prop 59 (Citizens United - Repeal) ...Yes
Prop 62 (Death Penalty Repeal) .......Yes

In Solidarity,

UAW 4123


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