Meeting Schdule

Executive Board Meeting

Date: April 25, 2020

Time: 12 PM (Noon)

Location: Teleconference

Joint Council Meeting

Date: April 25, 2020

Time: 1 PM

Location: Teleconference

Statewide Membership Meeting - 2019

Date: March 27, 2021

Time: 1 PM

Location: SDSU

*All members in good standing are encouraged to attend*

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

As proposed and reviewed by the bylaws committee to be voted on at the April 2020 Joint Council Meeting

(Additions are underlined, and substractions are crossed through) 

Article 21


Section 5. Reimbursement for expenses when traveling on approved Union business away from campus enrolled or the assigned worksite shall be provided as follows:


Accommodation: when authorized to stay overnight and with hotel receipt, the reimbursement shall be made for the equivalent of a single room occupancy rate, or 1/2 of a double room if shared with another member. All accommodation rates must be approved by the Executive Board or President in advance, except in emergency situations.


Per Diem: when authorized to travel more than 100 miles each way from the worksite (with the exception of meetings required by the bylaws) the reimbursement shall be $35 per day when required to stay overnight, and $25 when not required to stay overnight.

Transportation: all transportation must be approved by the Executive Board or President in advance. The following transportation expenses will be reimbursed with receipt: air travel and gas based on current IRS mileage rates, tolls, shuttles, parking, public transportation and car rental when there is a clear necessity for the rental. Air travel reimbursements may not exceed the cost of coach airfare(s). Reimbursement for alternatives to air travel may not exceed the cost of coach airfare(s).


Reimbursement requests must be made by using the UAW-approved reimbursement form, sent via regular mail (not emails). Requests for reimbursement must be postmarked within 30-days of the expense occurring and should be sent to the Financial Secretary or other member appointed by the President to receive reimbursement requests. The President shall notify employees by the start of the academic year of the address and the appointed member that reimbursement requests must be sent to.

Article 22

Section 8. All employees of the local union shall accrue severance pay based on their employment status and length of employment. Full-time employees will accrue two (2) weeks (80 hours) of severance pay per full-year worked. Part-time employees will accrue one (1) week (40 hours) of severance pay per full-year worked. A maximum of ten (10) weeks may be accrued regardless of employment status. Upon completion of employment any employee with accrued severance pay shall be payed all the accrued severance pay with their last paycheck. Employees who are terminated for disciplinary issues/concerns forfeit all severance pay.

Article 22

Section 9: Direct employees of the local union classified as ISAs will be compensated at the rate $17 per hour. If such employees are on release-time with the local union, the local will pay the difference between the release-time hourly rate and the $17 per hour rate. The per hour rate of this position shall receive increases commensurate with the bargaining unit.

Mailing Address


UAW Local 4123
2234 N Bellflower Blvd # 15677

Long Beach, CA 90815
Phone: (916) 498-8452

Main Office

UAW Local 4123

M/S UM 106

5048 N. Jackson Ave, 

Lab School, Room 170, 

Fresno, CA 93740


CSU Long Beach - Faculty Offices 5 - RM 235

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