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Check Your February Paystub for Your Salary Increase!

And attend the Salary Increase Info Session on Thursday, 2/17 at 6:30pm.

If you are an ISA (including tutors, graders, and SI Leaders), check your February pay stub for the salary increase that Student Workers recently negotiated with the CSU. You will want to check for two things:

  • All ISAs should be making at least the new minimum of $16 per hour.

  • If you held an ISA position between July 2021 and December 2021, and already made over $16 per hour, you should continue to see a 2% salary increase on your February pay stub.

Click here for information on how to check your paystub. With this salary increase, ISA union member dues are increasing 53¢ per month to $8.55.

All the rights we have as Academic Student Workers, including these pay raises, are the direct result of Student Workers making the choice to become dues-paying members of their union. There is strength in numbers. Membership builds our collective power to win more rights and benefits. If you want to fight for social and economic justice for you and your coworkers, join your union today.

Salary Increase Info Session Thursday 2/17 @ 6:30pm

Join fellow Student Workers from across the 23 CSU campuses for an info session about these salary increases where you can ask questions and learn how Student Workers won these raises. RSVP here.

Campus Monthly Membership Meetings are another great place to ask questions about the salary increases, and you can meet fellow Student Workers! Be on the lookout in your inbox for info about upcoming Membership Meetings at your campus.

If you have questions and cannot attend the info session, you can email and a fellow Student Worker will contact you.

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