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Sign the Petition for Extended COVID Paid Sick Leave

The initial CSU provision expired in 2021 — but COVID cases are still sky-high, and workers are heavily impacted.

In the midst of a global COVID-19 case rise fueled by the omicron variant, many workers at CSU and beyond are impacted by testing positive, experiencing symptoms, switching to remote work and study, dealing with school and day care closures, and more. In Spring 2021, we made sure Student Workers were eligible for paid ECRL (Enhanced COVID Related Leave). However, that paid COVID leave provision expired on December 31st.

In coalition with the other CSU unions, we are urging CSU management to extend this paid leave program, for all CSU employees. Check out this letter that we sent as a coalition last week. Please add your name to this petition, so CSU management receives the message from thousands of its employees.

We are also actively participating in a massive effort to urge the California State Governor and Legislature to pass a bill to require employers, including CSU, to provide paid COVID leave. We have teamed up with many other unions in California, as well as the California Work & Family community coalition, on this.

COVID-related workplace concerns?

If you have any questions about the above efforts to secure COVID-related Paid Leave, or you have any other COVID related safety questions or concerns, please get in touch via email (you can simply reply to this email). If desired, a union steward will get in touch with you. We are frequently meeting with CSU administration to address concerns, and your input is invaluable!

Joint Council meeting on Saturday Jan 29 at 1PM

On Saturday, Jan 29, union leaders, activists, and members get together for a virtual meeting to discuss, amongst others, COVID-related Paid Leave and workplace safety, the 2022 strategic and organizing plans, and continuing to build Student Worker power and community. This meeting is open to all members. If you’d like to join, please RSVP here.

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