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Next summer, we will be bargaining for our new contract. As we bargain for the issues that have been brought forth by our members from across the state we are facing a substantial amount of push-back, where the CSU retorts back by saying that issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, unendurable burden of student debt, ever-rising cost of education, and lack of healthcare are not important. Your story will help to put things in their proper context and to show how widespread these problems are in the CSU system. It will help put a face to the problem and will bolster our argument for making changes that will offer a better working conditions of Academic Student Employees at the California State University system. If you have a personal story, about your workplace, the union, or your connection with CSU, please share with us. We will share your story with the CSU bargaining team, as well as feature it on our social media. Please let us know if you would like to keep your name confidential.


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