Campus Stewards


Nate Johle

Steward, Humboldt State

Nate is a Humboldt State undergraduate and ISA pursuing a degree in Environmental Biology with a German Studies minor. His main area of interest is Pollination Ecology, especially regarding bumblebees. Nate also enjoys playing guitar, reading, and being with friends.


Elizabeth Hannigan

Head Steward, Chico State

Elizabeth is a Master's student at CSU Chico pursuing a degree in Biological Anthropology. She received a BA from Boston University in Archaeology and Anthropology. Her research interests include using stable isotope analysis to aid in humanitarian efforts. She currently works as a TA and enjoys cross stitching and playing ultimate frisbee in her free time.


Jeremy Markley

Steward, Chico State

Jeremy works as a TA and is pursuing a Master's in Public Administration at Chico State. He also did his undergraduate studies in Political Science as Chico State. His research is focused on electoral processes in local governments.


Noah Weisel

Head Steward, San Francisco State

Noah is an MFA candidate in the School of Cinema where he also teaches production labs and grades papers. He's a former member of IATSE Local 700 and is excited and honored to represent SF State in this moment of growing Union participation.


Adán Gama Puffelis

Steward, San Francisco State

Adán is an award-winning filmmaker from Southern California and studies at San Francisco State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema, with an emphasis in Documentaries in 2018. He is currently working on his thesis film project Let Me Go for his Master of Fine Arts in Cinema.

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Carly Mae Miranda

Steward, San Francisco State

Carly Mae is a graduate student in Biology at San Francisco State University and represents the College of Science and Engineering.


Allie Maier

Head Steward, San Jose State

Allie is pursuing a Master's in English at San Jose State University with a focus on European Medieval literature. Their favorite research topics include gender identity in Medieval romances and the paleography of Old English manuscripts. They are a GA, and they are the lead nonfiction editor for Reed Magazine Issue 154. Outside of school, they enjoy spending time crocheting and cuddling with their two wonderful cats, Zuno and Cheddar.

Cibelle Nassif UAW4123.jpg

Cibelle Nassif

Steward, San Jose State

Cibelle works as a TA and is pursuing a Masters in Biological Sciences at San Jose State University. Her research studies neuron development as a model for neurological disorders. She represents the College of Science.


Karl Zieber

Head Steward, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Karl (he/they) is a Masters student at CSU California Polytechnic, SLO, studying Mathematics. Their current research interests include measure theory, probability theory, and linear operators. Karl works as a graduate tutor and TA and hopes to enroll in a Ph.D. program upon graduating with their Masters. In their free time, Karl enjoys knitting, weightlifting, and coffee.


Isabel Zecua

Head Steward, CSU Channel Islands

Isabel is an undergraduate student and ISA at CSU Channel Islands. She is pursuing a BS in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry. She works under biochemistry faculty studying ligand-dependent stability of proteins. Isabel is planning to study Public Policy and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry in graduate school.


Maya Bornstein

Head Steward, CSU Northridge

Maya is pursuing an MA in English Literature and teaching First Year Composition at CSUN. Her research focuses on poststructuralism and appropriative aesthetics/forms in revolutionary poetry. Outside of academia she enjoys rock climbing, D&D, and too much coffee.

Theo Porsche UAW4123.jpg

Theo Porche

Steward, CSU Northridge

Theo is a graduate student in Physics at Cal State Northridge. He has thus far been using his time as a graduate student trying to deepen and expand his grasp of semiconductor and solid state physics in service of his research interest in organic semiconductor and photovoltaic devices. He hopes to pursue a PhD in mathematical physics after graduation.


Miyako Martinez

Head Steward, CSU Los Angeles

Miyako is a Master’s student in U.S. history with an interest in labor, race/ethnic studies, and social movements. She is excited to organize with other student workers and to represent Cal State LA. In her free time, she likes to paint and spend time in nature.


Alex Bartolo

Head Steward, CSU Long Beach

Alex is a graduate student and TA at CSU Long Beach studying community ecology and biodiversity, particularly in tropical forest birds. He has worked as a field technician for avian-based field project across the US and in Panama, Costa Rica, and Hawai'i and loves spending time outdoors whenever he can. He also enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, sewing, and gardening.


Keith Kofoed

Steward, CSU San Marcos

Keith is an undergraduate student at CSU San Marcos pursuing a BS in Computer Science. He is currently an ISA at their STEM Success Center and has previously worked as a tutor and SI. He is also active in student life, having been an executive member of Cybersecurity and Robotics clubs. He can't wait for punk shows to come back.


Mikay Parsons

Head Steward, San Diego State

Mikay is pursuing a Master's in Communication Studies at San Diego State University. They graduated with a BA in Psychology and Gender Studies from Lewis & Clark College. Their research interests include trans allyship in spaces of higher education.


Peter Uhl

Steward, San Diego State

Peter is a doctoral student and TA in the department of Mathematics and Statistics at SDSU. He has previously completed BS and MS degrees in Mathematics at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. His research is in mathematical biology. Peter represents the College of Sciences.


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