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Campus Stewards


Nate Johle

Steward, Humboldt State

Nate is a Humboldt State undergraduate and ISA pursuing a degree in Environmental Biology with a German Studies minor. His main area of interest is Pollination Ecology, especially regarding bumblebees. Nate also enjoys playing guitar, reading, and being with friends.


Noah Weisel

Head Steward, San Francisco State

Noah is an MFA candidate in the School of Cinema where he also teaches production labs and grades papers. He's a former member of IATSE Local 700 and is excited and honored to represent SF State in this moment of growing Union participation.


Adán Gama Puffelis

Steward, San Francisco State

Adán is an award-winning filmmaker from Southern California and studies at San Francisco State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema, with an emphasis in Documentaries in 2018. He is currently working on his thesis film project Let Me Go for his Master of Fine Arts in Cinema.

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Christopher Pascua

Steward, San Francisco State

Christopher is a tutor at SFSU.


Karl Zieber

Head Steward, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Karl (he/they) is a Masters student at CSU California Polytechnic, SLO, studying Mathematics. Their current research interests include measure theory, probability theory, and linear operators. Karl works as a graduate tutor and TA and hopes to enroll in a Ph.D. program upon graduating with their Masters. In their free time, Karl enjoys knitting, weightlifting, and coffee.


Lauren Vargas

Head Steward, CSU San Bernardino

Lauren is a math tutor at Cal State San Bernardino studying to be an elementary and middle school educator. She loves to play guitar, sing, paint, and travel. She can only solve half of a rubix cube and refuses to look up the algorithm to solve it. Life always has something fun to offer, and she's always looking for opportunities to create and have a good time!

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Matt Guerra

Steward, CSU San Bernardino

Matt is an SI leader at CSUSB.


Lawson Hardrick III

Head Steward, San Diego State

Lawson (he/him) is a graduate student studying Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a specialization in Student Affairs. As a student of color who has spent many years in student government amplifying student voices, his ultimate educational goal is to earn a Ph.D in an Education-related field. Lawson’s favorite food in the world is popcorn and he believes heaven is in the form of a Popcornopolis.

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Elia Weise

Steward, San Diego State

Elia is an undergraduate student at SDSU, triple majoring in Social Work, Sociology, and History. They work as a writing tutor in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Department and as a research methods tutor in the Social Work Department. Academically, they are primarily interested in child welfare, child development, and the history of childhood. They love to read, get coffee with friends, and volunteer at the San Diego LGBTQ Community Center. 


Jacob McShane

Steward, San Diego State

Jake is a tutor and graduate student in English where he is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing. Born and raised in Utah, where his passions for skiing and biking grew, Jake is excited to live in a state where he has rights as a worker.

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John Mollet

Steward, San Diego State

John is a student worker at SDSU.

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Nate Reynolds

Steward, San Diego State

Nate is a student worker at SDSU.

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Brandie White

Steward, San Diego State

Brandie is a student worker in Biology at SDSU.

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Manuel Lira

Steward, San Diego State

Manuel is a student worker in Political Science at SDSU.

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Alex Wilson

Head Steward, Chico State

Alex is a student worker at CSU Chico.

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Keith Kofoed

Head Steward, CSU San Marcos

Keith is a student worker at CSUSM.

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