No Platform for Racist Research!

November 3, 2020

UAW Local 4123, the union that represents the Academic Student Employees in the CSU system, stands in solidarity with the CSU East Bay students and faculty who are demanding action against Professor Emeritus Gregory Christainsen. At a recent CSU Board of Trustees meeting, students and faculty brought attention to the academic research of Christainsen, a tenured faculty member in the university’s Department of Economics. 


For years, Christainsen has been publishing eugenics-based pseudoscientific research with funding from CSU East Bay’s College of Business and Economics. He has also brought these racist theories into his classroom. The campus community at CSU East Bay has every right to be outraged that their university has given Christainsen a platform to publish and disseminate work that is based on pseudoscience and racist ideologies and that the CSU Board of Trustees defends it. “Academic freedom” does not extend to hate speech and discrimination. There is no place for eugenics in the CSU, nor for professors that spout these racist beliefs designed to devalue and attack our diverse student population. 


The faculty, students, and alumni at CSU East Bay are requesting the following actions of the administration:

  • The permanent removal of Gregory Christainsen from the Faculty of the Department of Economics, and a stop to his teaching for them in any capacity. 


  • The elimination of his Emeritus status. This title is given at the pleasure of the Campus President and should be revoked for Gregory Christainsen. 


  • The exclusion of Gregory Christainsen from any and all campus committees that involve the evaluation of faculty, staff, or students.


  • A full investigation into why Gregory Christainsen was invited back to teach and to serve on departmental committees by the Department of Economics chair, Jed Devaro, for the last eight years despite his numerous racist publications and student complaints.


  • A public town hall where faculty, staff, students, and alumni can voice their concerns, ask questions, and get answers from the university administration.

With Chancellor White stepping down at the end of the year, will defending a professor that spreads scientifically disproven claims that provoke violence and hatred towards BIPOC become his legacy? UAW 4123 demands that the CSU immediately respond to the campus community’s requests and take action against Gregory Christainsen, ensuring a safer space to learn and work, not only at CSU East Bay, but in the entire CSU system. An injury to one is an injury to all!


In Solidarity,

UAW Local 4123 

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