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Executive Board

Lark Winner.jpg

Lark Winner


Lark is a graduate student at CSU San Bernardino, where she is pursuing a Masters in Public Administration. She currently holds an MA from CSUSB in Social Science and Globalization and a BA from CSUSB in Public and Oral History. Her fields of study have centered around comparative genocide and how genocides are memorialized through public history.

Winston Grady.jpg

Winston Grady

Financial Secretary

Winston is a Cal Poly Humboldt student worker. He is in the Public Sociology Graduate Program and is a Qual/Quant Research Analyst. His hobbies include burying himself in books, records, and outdoor projects.

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Elia Joseph

Recording Secretary

Elia is an undergraduate student at San Diego State University triple majoring in Social Work, Sociology, and History. They work as a tutor in the Writing Center on campus and as a tutor at Crawford High School. Academically, they are primarily interested in human rights, child welfare, and the history of childhood. They plan to pursue a Master's of Social Work and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, where they aim to primarily work with special needs children. In their free time, they love to read, get coffee with friends, and volunteer at the San Diego LGBTQ+ Community Center. 


Ashkan Forouhi

Vice President, District 1

Ashkan is a filmmaker, film scholar, and MFA candidate at the SFSU School of Cinema. His research interests include Affect Theory, Language and Translatability, and Post-colonial Cinema. He also holds an MSc in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and used to be a software engineer in his previous life. When not watching or making films, he enjoys taking random long walks with no destination in mind.


Alex Bartolo

Vice President, District 4

Alex is a second-year graduate student at CSULB studying biodiversity and avian community ecology. He has worked as a field technician for field projects across the US and in Panama, Costa Rica, and Hawai'i. He also enjoy rock climbing, gardening, and spending time outdoors whenever he can.


Claire Rogers


Claire is an undergraduate at Cal Poly Humboldt studying physics with a concentration in astronomy and a minor in studio art. She has worked on research on carbon nanotube networks and, more recently, short-range gravity. In her free time, Claire enjoys reading, mostly science fiction and fantasy, drawing and painting, and playing piano.


Robert Hogg


Robert is a graduate student, TA, and GA in the Department of Biology at CSU Northridge. His thesis research uses genetic data to understand where black-bellied slender salamanders are found in Southern California. Robert received a BA from Harvard College with a concentration in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and a secondary in Economics. Robert's pandemic activities have included learning to ride a skateboard and trying new recipes.

Ellen Kuang.jpg

Ellen Kuang


Ellen is a graduate student and TA in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at SDSU. Her research focuses on using mass spectrometry based metabolomics to understand host-microbiome dynamics between different types of systems, from a marine algae-bacteria system to the gut microbiome-brain axis in humans. Ellen received her B.S. in both Marine Biology and Chemistry (concentration on Organic Chemistry) from UC Santa Cruz. Her favorite destress activities are going on walks, swimming, gardening, cooking/baking, and playing video games.

Francesca Felder.png

Francesca Felder


Francesca is a Masters student in Philosophy at SFSU as well as former GTA and current ISA. She studies feminist philosophy, social ontology, and intersectionality.

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