Executive Board

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Lark Winner


Lark is a graduate student at CSU San Bernardino, where she is pursuing a Masters in Public Administration. She currently holds an MA from CSUSB in Social Science and Globalization and a BA from CSUSB in Public and Oral History. Her fields of study have centered around comparative genocide and how genocides are memorialized through public history. 



Maxwell Groznik

Financial Secretary

Maxwell is a graduate student at San Diego State University pursuing a Masters degree in Communication Studies. He holds BAs from Texas Tech university in Political Science and History. His research focuses on the intersections of instructional and intercultural communication in higher education. In his free time, Maxwell likes to drink Topo Chico and read short stories.



Rebekah Paerels

Recording Secretary

Rebekah is a graduate student at CSULB pursuing an MA in Linguistics and working as an ESL Specialist ISA. She holds a BA from Cal Poly Pomona in English, Applied Language Studies, where she worked for 3 years as an ISA at the campus writing center. Her research has focused on speaker distinctions in English derivational morphology. In her free time, she also enjoys playing roller hockey.


Oliver Tripp

Vice President, District 1

Oliver is a graduate student at SF State studying Communication Studies. They hold a BA also from SFSU in Liberal Studies/Education, and their research focuses on critical theory and the trajectory of trans activist movements. As a TA, they have taught public speaking and co-taught Transgender Communication Studies. They also coach the SFSU debate team.


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Vice President, District 2

Upcoming vacancy election

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Vice President, District 3

Upcoming vacancy election

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Vice President, District 4

Upcoming vacancy election


Adwitiya (Karan) Singh


Karan is an international student and Computer Science major at CSUN, where he has worked as an ISA. He's working on HCI and Theoretical Computer Science research. Karan loves to swim and spend his free time hiking around the LA Area.


Yi Jane Lee


Jane recently graduated from CSU Northridge as an international student with a BS in Computer Science, where she worked as an ISA. She is passionate in information security and advocating for privacy and safety in tech.


Robert Hogg


Robert is a graduate student, TA, and GA in the Department of Biology at CSU Northridge. His thesis research uses genetic data to understand where black-bellied slender salamanders are found in Southern California. Robert received a BA from Harvard College with a concentration in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and a secondary in Economics. Robert's pandemic activities have included learning to ride a skateboard and trying new recipes.


Maya Herrera


Maya is a recent graduate from CSU Los Angeles with a BA in Communications and a minor in Psychology. She has worked as an ISA, tutoring at the CSULA writing center.


Nathan Rogers


Nathan (they/them) graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Health Communication with a minor in Women's Studies and an MA in Communication Studies. With UAW 4123, Nathan worked as a regional organizer for San Diego State and Cal State San Marcos for two years (2018-2020). Nathan was appointed ad hoc as the Sargeant-at-Arms in 2019 and then was elected to the position in the following cycle and plans to vacate the office at the end of the current term.


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