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Bargaining Sessions #2 and #3

In our second bargaining session with CSU management on July 26th, the UAW team passed three proposals focused on creating a more equitable university for all Academic Student Employees.

The CSU has received historic levels of funding from both the federal and state governments, and it is time that the CSU administration invests in its Student Workers in material ways. Our three proposals in summary:

  • Our first proposal, “A Healthy CSU” aims to improve access to affordable health services for Academic Student Employees.

  • Our second proposal would create a Childcare Fund, and help support Student Worker parents to defray the high costs of childcare.

  • Our third proposal expands tuition and fee waivers to Student Workers system-wide, and would make a CSU education affordable for more Student Workers and reduce future student debt.

Despite having had a month since our first bargaining session, the CSU team was not prepared to make any counter-proposals during our third session on July 27th. We passed our proposal on Appointments and Notifications, which you can check out here. With our current contract expiring on September 30th, the union team has now passed five proposals versus the CSU’s zero. Moreover, the CSU is avoiding providing key information for our bargaining team to properly research and create better-informed, stronger contract proposals that would benefit all Student Workers. Disappointingly, they also “forgot” our previously agreed-upon bargaining session dates in August.

Your participation is essential to winning better Student Worker working conditions. The bargaining team holds weekly meetings that are open to all members; simply email to join and hear bargaining updates, push new issues, and deliberate on bargaining strategy.

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